Four Feet on the Floor - Stress Free Pet Styling for Cats and Dogs


Lets face it, I haven’t met too many cats or dogs that really love being groomed, but I try my hardest to make their stay here as stress free as possible. Heres how I do it...

  •  To begin with, I do not cage any of our animals.  My appointments are set up so that your pet comes in, is groomed, and goes home right away.  No waiting in a kennel, before or after the grooming, getting more and more upset. 
  •  Secondly, I believe in making the salon environment soothing with pleasant fragrances and calming music.  (You would be surprised at how well it works) 
  • Thirdly, I have always had an open door policy regarding parents in the grooming area.  Sometimes, it just takes a familiar touch or voice to make the grooming process easier. 
  • Lastly, your furry child is family here, and I treat them as well as I do my own fur babies.  I think that is what really make the difference, and I believe you will agree.
Here are some of our favourite customers in their stylish new hair cuts. 

Pup-arazzi & Kitty Cuties

William Wallace










Porscha & Ellie Mae

Ellie & Maggie









Remember that just because your cat "cleans" itself, doesn't mean that it is clean.  Its just covered in cat spit.
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