Four Feet on the Floor - Stress Free Pet Styling for Cats and Dogs
Lets face it, I have yet to meet a cat or dog that really enjoys being groomed, but we try our hardest to make their stay here as stress free as possible. Heres how we do it...
  •  To begin with, we do not cage any of our animals.  Our appointments are set up so that your pet comes in, is groomed, and goes home right away.  No waiting in a kennel, before or after the grooming, getting more and more upset. 
  •  Secondly, we believe in making the salon environment soothing with pleasant fragrances and calming music.  (You would be surprised at how well it works) 
  • Thirdly, we have always had an open door policy regarding parents in the grooming area.  Sometimes, it just takes a familiar touch or voice to make the grooming process easier. 
  • Lastly, your furry child is family here, and we treat them as well as we do our own fur babies.  I think that is what really make the difference, and I believe you will agree.
Here are some of our favourite customers in their stylish new hair cuts. 

Poor Bam-Bam was looking a little rough, but a smoothie cut soon set him right.
Sweet cuddles was a mess of mats.  We gave him a smoothie and now he is sleek and ready for the ladies.
After coming home from a vacation, Maurice's Mom and Dad found a "hobo" instead of their usually sophisticated little boy. 
This little cutie-pie is Mac.  He is a West Highland Terrier with lots of character and spunk.
Meet Truman.  He was a long time customer, and we tried something new most times he camein.  He was fantastic to groom!
This little girl is Chelsy, a Shetland Sheep Dog, better known as a Sheltie.  Shes smilling because she is so beautiful.
Here is Eva, a Bichon cross, in a new sassy hair style with a pink tail. (Done with food colouring)
This beautiful lady is Mahogany, an Irish Setter.  She may complain through most of the grooming process, but she looks like a million bucks when she goes home.
This gorgeous creature is Coco Chanel.  She is sporting two funky pink top-knots (done with food colouring).
These are only a few of the kitties that visit Four Feet on the Floor. Stanley, the black cat, was once a fluff ball but we have tamed him down to a more manageable length. Babe, the Calico, has had a "Lion Cut" due to some matting but now she is cool and comfortable. Gizmoe, the Torti, is also sporting a "Lion Cut" but she has a short round face that makes it easier for her to clean herself without a mouth full of hair.
Remember that just because your cat "cleans" itself, doesn't mean that it is clean.  Its just covered in cat spit.
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